Fearfully, Wonderfully

(Psalm 139:13&14, Ephesians 2:10)

What to know about this song:

In all of its enticement, all of its allure, and all of its general disapproval of Godly practices, the world’s most dangerous message to your child is this:  that he or she, in one way or another, is simply and plainly not good enough.  Though the publicly spoken declaration is that everyone is perfect just how they are, it’s become more and more difficult for a person not to feel inadequate in some way. 

Though God wants us to learn and grow and mature, He never wants us to stop being exactly who He created us to be.  In fact, He wants us all to be free from the sins we learn from the world so that we have complete capability to be that very person – the person He so flawlessly formed.  It’s resistance to this truth that I believe causes much of the rebellion, depression, and destructive behavior that plagues young people today.

This was the first song I wrote for kids. It’s still my favorite and, in my mind, the most important.  It is absolutely imperative to me that from the earliest age possible, kids KNOW that they are a masterpiece, formed beautifully and perfectly by a loving, merciful, and powerful God, and that nothing about them is a mistake.  What kind of world would we live in if kids spent less time feeling sorry for themselves when they look in a mirror, and more time praising God for being created wonderfully?

Sing this over kids who aren’t even old enough to know what you’re saying yet.  Let their spirits breathe in this truth before they get a chance to buy the lie that they are less that fearfully and wonderfully made!  And for kids that are old enough to have this conversation, use the subject matter from this song as affirmation DAILY that they were created beautifully by a beautiful Creator!


Fearfully, wonderfully – that is how You made me
And I praise You, ‘cause everything You do is good
You knew just how tall I’d be, the color of my eyes
You make me stronger every day, outside and inside
And since You made me perfectly, and You make no mistakes
You must know how to love me best in every single way
Fearfully, wonderfully – that is how You made me

And I praise You, ‘cause everything You do is good